Axon Hatchback: Carbon Fiber Car Gets 100mpg, Due 2010.

We have yet another eco contender for what is shaping up to be a cut-throat-competitive 2010 in the car industry. Alongside major offerings from Chevrolet, Toyota and Nissan will come this interesting British model called the Axon Hatchback, that takes a whole new approach to cutting down on fuel use, running costs and CO2 emissions.

The Axon’s body is made entirely from carbon fiber, emulating the shells of Formula 1 cars that enable fantastic speeds. The idea here is to make the car as light as possible to achieve fantastic fuel economy and does quite a decent job, getting you 100mpg.

The engine is a Ptech two-cylinder 500cc block which weighs a tiny 26kg/57lbs but is capable of powering the car to a top speed of 85mph. Very impressive considering you could lift the engine right out of the car using nothing but your own strength. This in itself could be a selling point, making engine repairs or replacement easier. We may even see people buying the Axon Hatchback for the light-weight body and replacing the engine with their own electric motor.

The Axon apparently emits less than half the CO2 emissions of the average car and should cost around £10,500 ($21,000) when it launches in 2010.

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Comments (One Response):

I hope a small company like this can build a car like this. That’s probly the easy part, marketing could be the harder part. Just think how much money Ford Nissan or Toyota spend on adverts.
The last small company who manages this was Reliant, lets hope Axon does as well!
I wish I could affort to buy one!

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