No More Seinfeld Ads: Microsoft To Announce Tomorrow

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Were you looking forward to your Friday fix of the next installment of the Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld commercials? Well, I’m afraid it’s all over. Microsoft is set to make an announcement tomorrow that they will be ending the Gates/Seinfeld ads and moving towards “phase two” of their ad campaign.

The company seems to recognize the commercials were a flop and did not connect with their target audience, only serving as a reminder of how out of touch the company really is with their customers.

I find it rather disappointing not knowing where they were going to take the series. The first commercial was terrible, but with the second ad, they really did seem as if they were getting somewhere. I wonder if the rest of the series was recorded and if someone might be kind enough to leak it onto YouTube for all us curious techies.

No word on what Phase Two will be, just that it won’t include Seinfeld.

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