The Best Of Apple’s ‘Let’s Rock’ Linkage

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As many of you will know, yesterday we had Apple’s eagerly awaited ‘Lets Rock’ presentation over in San Francisco, California. Many rumors were confirmed, including just about everything Digg’s Kevin Rose had leaked and Steve Jobs personally addressed the report of his own death.

We had the announcement of a stylishly rounded new iPod Nano and iPod Touch, the latest version of iTunes (version 8) and a new iPhone OS (version 2.1). Sadly, speculation about a possible MacTablet/MacBook Touch didn’t materialize.

The event saw numerous product announcements which inevitably sparked a flurry of reports, liveblogs and reviews. Below we’ll take a look at the best of this reporting in a piece we’ll call “The Best Of Apple’s ‘Let’s Rock’ Linkage”.

We’ll kick things off with Gizmodo’s, Engadget’s and Ars Technica’s LiveBlog of the event.

Formal reporting of the event was well executed by The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters and Wired’s Gadget Lab

Apple has put up a video version of the event for those who love to see Jobs in keynote mode.

CNET have a stack of hands-on videos from the ‘Lets Rock’ event, mostly featuring the new 4G Nano.

Post event:
New iPod Touch review
New iPod Nano review
Full Nano and Touch hands-on with video

iPod Nano 4G
iPod Touch 2G
iTunes 8


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