Video: Incredible ScanRobot Makes Book Scanning Easy

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We all love a bit of good ol’ German efficiency and thanks to the clever chaps at Treventus Mechatronics; we can scan not just entire books, but entire libraries with ease. Their ScanRobot gracefully automates the scanning process and works at rapid speed. It scans two pages per pass, performs its own page turns and all without causing any damage to your books.

The ScanRobot, or ScanBot, has been developed with the digitization of huge book inventories in mind. It uses patented technology to deliver distortion-free images and looks about as simple to use as a modern photocopier, with all the information about your scans presented to you on a widescreen monitor.

Apparently the ScanBot can (figuratively) tear-through 25 pages a minute and seems to use a combination of vacuum and small blower jets to facilitate page turns. Books are rested in a cradle that can be adjusted to accommodate varying thicknesses.

I wonder if Google will be using a machine like this to scan the last 30 years of newspaper journalism. It’s fascinating to watch. Check out the videos below.

Treventus ScanRobot and Hacked Gadgets


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