Video: First Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld Ad Is Awkward, Confusing.

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A few hours ago the first installment of the new Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld commercials went to air in the States and, well, it has to be seen to be believed (video below). The strained $10 million Seinfeld performance coupled with consistent deadpan delivery by Gates is awkward and confusing, yet somewhat addictive. It may be a case of “it’s so bad, it’s good”.

The ads are part of a $300 million promotional effort to change the poor public perceptions of Windows Vista. It is a subtle campaign, not a product push – notice there is no mention of Vista in the video? The tag-line for the campaign is “Windows, Not Walls,” which is bound to get a chuckle out of open-sourcers.

Share your opinion by leaving your comment below, or alternatively, check out the heavy commenting going on over at Engadget and Gizmodo if you want to check out how other people feel about it (beware of intense PC/Mac fanboy rivalry). Some people actually like it! Crazy kids.

YouTube via GadgetLab

Comments (3 Responses):

What is it with Americans and irony… can’t you see it’s supposed to be deadpan and awkward? a bit like those commercials that IBM have tried (with partial success).

Try watching the UK version of The Office… if you still think it’s a real documentary afterwards then there really is no hope for you!

Ah, so Microsoft is spending $300 million on an American targeted campaign – utilizing a style of humor American’s are renowned for not comprehending.

… now thats ironic !

wow… maybe you do get it 🙂

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