Peugeot OXO Concept: Separate Pods For Peace And Quiet

Here is one of the better entries from the recent Peugeot Design Competition that seems not only practical, but cheap to manufacture and solves many of the problems associated with modern car design. Its scissor-like frame contracts to accommodate tight parking spaces or narrow lanes and the wheels work much like the recent NASA concept car, allowing it to drive sideways or do a 360 on its wheelbase.

The car also solves the problem of having a talkative passenger distracting you from driving (or just generally doing your head in) by placing them in a separate pod. Ah…just imagine, no more inane conversations, getting to play music that you like and taking a route of your choosing. Excellent selling points, me thinks.

The car would run on electricity; though I can’t imagine where the batteries, or the engine for that matter, would be stored. In the tails of the pods, maybe?

The simple nature of the design should allow for easy manufacture and its flexibility is really something car makers should pay attention to. I can’t see why something similar to this couldn’t make it onto the road. It may be too radical for mass-production just yet, but should provide plenty of inspiration for all you street-rodders out there.

Peugeot (Design Contest Finalists) via IGreenSpot

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engine? I think you mean electric motor

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