FreshBreeze Flyke: The Exhilarating Flying Tricycle

Here’s a great little contraption that will really get you places and give you a rush while doing so. Called the Flyke, it is a recumbent tricycle-cum-powered paraglider which will get up to 40mph on the road and when you attach a glider, get you airborne in seconds.

The Flyke is made by a company called FreshBreeze who specialize in Powered Paragliders (PPGs) and is a great way for people who enjoy paragliding as a sport to transport both themselves and their kit to a launch site and home again.

The unit weighs a mere 21kg/45lb and makes for an excellent form of transportation. The flexibility and mobility offered by this device is sure to get more people interested in paragliding, even just as an exhilarating method of transportation rather than recreation. It has certainly piqued my interest.

Check out the short video below and also a longer professional version at FlyAboveAllVideos. If you’re interested in learning more about flying this kind of craft, head on over to PPGTrike where they have a collection of links on the subject and a first-timer video.

You can pick up a Flyke of your own over at Southern Skies for $3450.

FreshBreeze and GliderGear (full review and test flight)
Via: GizmoWatch

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Holy Cow! That is awesome, I have never seen a contraption like that. I thought it would be a lot more expensive too.

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