Express Yourself With An Awesomely Engraved MacBook

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Good Ockie…(backing away slowly). We all love a bit of individualism and the freedom to express ourselves, whether that be through art, fashion, literature or a variety of other mediums. When it comes to gadgets, however, it’s usually what model and color you buy that is used to reflect your personality. Michael Dinges is showing the way with a range of engraved MacBooks that are so impressive, they are undeniably works of art in their own right.

There’s no info on the tools he used which I am very curious about seeing as the MacBook’s cover is plastic. As anyone who’s used an engraver before will testify, they have a tendency to go straight through plastic, which would mean…through the display. When you’re not drilling holes, you’re chewing and burning which results in a ghastly mess.

I wonder if he used a computer engraver? Either way, this artist’s skill is truly remarkable as is evident in the detail of his works. The material he’s working with only makes it more so.

Check out the photos below and also the artist’s current exhibition at the Packer Schopf Gallery for more.

Packer Schopf Gallery via CollisionDetection

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Those Macbooks are most likely just handpainted. A mechanical engraver is out of the question. It could come close with a laser engraver, but that would not cover the sides as shown here.

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