iPod Touch 2.0 Is VoIP Ready

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Thanks to a thorough disassembly of the 2nd generation iPod Touch by iFixit’s Kyle Wiens, it has been confirmed that the new model can support voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls. Apple forbids the use of VoIP over 3G or EDGE cellular networks but there appears to be no problem using it over the built-in Wi-Fi.

The new functionality was revealed upon the discovery of a fifth wire connected to the headphone jack, which adds external microphone support for Apple’s new mic equipped earbuds.

All that is needed to make it work is for someone to write an application and upload it to the App Store. TruPhone seems to have already done this, but their app is only available for iPhone.

I feel this new capability on the iPod Touch will ultimately benefit Apple in the end. It would offer strong appeal to students who occasionally splash out on gadgets but who can’t afford the expensive long-term commitment of an iPhone contract. Despite the 3G iPhone’s price drop, the contracts still put it out of reach for most.

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also, VoIP works fine with ipod touch 1.0 too and macally microphone (firmware 2.1 or 2.2 required)
use fring, nimbuzz, skype, truphone, SipPhone, weephone etc

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