Rubik’s Mirror Blocks: Colorless, Multi-Shape Blocks Of Frustration

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Remember the good ol’ Rubik’s Cube? Ah, good times. There have been some variations over the years, but this latest version gets a truly modern makeover. Called Rubik’s Mirror Blocks, it does away with colored tiles in favor of differently shaped blocks. The aim of the game is to bring the puzzle back into a cube shape by matching up these different blocks.

This Mirror Blocks version uses the basic 3×3 structure of the original Rubik’s Cube, but each block has reflective, colorless stickers on its faces, making it even more difficult to crack (see video below).

You can pick one up at Amazon Japan from October 1st for ¥ 1,494($14). For international orders, try your luck over at TwistyPuzzles where Hidetoshi Takeji, the puzzle’s designer, is offering them for $20. Looks like there’s already a lot of orders though, so some patience may be required.

UPDATE: You can now pick up Rubik’s Mirror Blocks over at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

Technabob and Digital Gadgets Freak (translated)

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going by the video it’ll take longer to open the box than to solve the darn thing!

give me some excellent ideas. thanks man

this website is cool.

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