Charge Your iGadgets On-The-Go With iYo Yo-Yo

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Yo. Here’s a novel idea that makes generating free energy…fun. Introducing the iYo Yo-Yo concept which uses a small induction generator to transform your Yo-Yo-ing talents into energy. This energy is stored in an on-board Lithium-Ion cell to charge your iPhone or iPod whenever they’re running low.

iYo was conceived by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander as an alternative to solar power generators for countries that receive little sunlight. The beauty of the device is that it can be used at night, requires little effort (unlike hand cranks) and is fun to use.

Power is transferred via the iYo’s USB port and would make an excellent backup charger even if Apple does come out with solar powered iPhones and iPods.

Strangely, it seems to fit rather well with Apple’s marketing too. I can just picture those hip kids on the iPod commercials dancing about with their player in one hand and yo-yo in the other. If the string matched the white earphone tether it would surely make a great accessory.

Peter Thuvander and Treehugger

Comments (2 Responses):

This looks great! Beautiful idea and beautiful execution.

Any way to get one? And if so, any way to connect it to USB-charged devices? I don’t use an iPhone; my phone is charged via the smaller USB connection many portable devices use.

an iYo Yo-Yo, a Smothers book, and a 10-year old and you can power your whole personal electronics collection forever.

Well, until the 10-year old hits puberty. Then you need a new one. Or a slightly older kid of the appropriate gender who really, really digs yo-yo tricks….

It’s just a concept at this stage but hopefully we’ll see something like it come to market. It sounds like fun.

I don’t see why it couldn’t use various ports like the small USB connector. They could make different models to accommodate the different ports or develop a simple all-in-one adapter.

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