Thanko Magnetic Earphones Love To Nibble Your Earlobes

An interesting new earphone set from Thanko Japan aims to make listening to your music on-the-go easier, with a novel magnetic clasp that attaches to your earlobe. The earphones direct sound into the ear while allowing external sound to be heard, lessening your chances of being flattened by a bus as you cross the road.

The downside to this design is that a lot of sound is bound to escape, making them less than ideal when on the aforementioned bus or in quiet places like libraries. The earphones are designed to look like earrings and come in six different styles including a skull and crossbones. Aye Mateys.

Some models come with a microphone on the cord so you can use it for making Skype calls and will set you back around $18.

Thanko Japan (translated) via Gizmodo

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This is really cool and nice.

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