Samsonite OBAG: Diwheel Luggage Concept Is Pure Genius

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Here is an innovative concept that completely rethinks traditional luggage design. Called the Samsonite OBAG, it utilizes a diwheel wheel arrangement to make traversing virtually any terrain a breeze. It will have no problems tackling snow, mud, cobblestones or even flights of stairs and saves you from worrying about flimsy wheels falling off.

Designed by Rooz Mousavi, the OBAG is a brilliant implementation of diwheel design. It seems so well suited, in fact, it’s surprising no-one had thought of it sooner. There have been many attempts to improve luggage design including motorized versions, but the small wheels rarely perform well on uneven surfaces.

This design is both simple and rugged and features easy access to its contents without spilling your belongings all over the floor. It won’t bust a zip either. You can choose to access the contents via a sliding draw on one side, or a simple door on the other and the handle collapses to easily stow the case under your bed when not in use.

I really hope Samsonite or another luggage manufacturer sees the advantages in this design and puts it into production. It would likely be costlier to manufacture than more traditional styles, but I’m sure there would be people willing to pay a little extra for its ease of use and durability.

Yanko Design via SlipperyBrick

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question: if you want to take as many pieces of luggage, on a train/bus/aircraft/car, or boat, would you tell your passengers to use round suitcases .. ?

I do like the thinking outside the box, but it could be improved a lot , this concept looks like you need to carry a lot of suitcase to carry your stuff.

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