STRiDA MAS: Lightweight Triangular Bike Folds In 5 Secs Flat

Small, foldable bikes are a great way to get around town without worrying about traffic, fuel costs or parking. The trouble is, they all look very similar. But now, thanks to a company called STRiDA, you can turn some heads as you cycle through the crowds. Their latest model, the MAS Special is their best and fastest version yet featuring their trademark A-Frame design combined with a fold-down time of just five seconds.

The STRiDA foldable bikes are developed by British designer Mark Sanders and have been winning design awards for the past decade. The latest STRiDA MAS Special features a rust-proof aluminum frame and a Schlumpf 2 Swiss engineered drive system for faster speeds. The entire bike weighs only 22 pounds, but due to the unique triangular frame, is apparently very stable and comfortable to ride.

These bikes save you from getting dirty by using a Kevlar Belt instead of a greasy chain and make gear changes completely hands-free with just a simple tap of the heel.

The latest MAS Special will set you back $1,400, which is kinda pricey considering you could get a decent electric bicycle for the same money. The bike should be available next spring and will officially launch at the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas tomorrow (24th-26th September). Maybe keep an eye out for a second-hand one, eh?

STRiDA US and Inhabitat


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