US Homeland Security FAST Becoming Thought Police

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The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is making quick progress on its Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) or Project Hostile Intent as it was called originally, which is designed to detect hostile thoughts, or thought crime as it’s known in Orwellian-speak.

The technology uses high-tech sensors that can measure breathing and pulse rate, as well as facial expressions and skin temperature in an attempt to identify people acting suspiciously. The system aims to make it easier for border control staff to choose who to single out for a probing interview.

FAST has only been tested so far on paid volunteers, of which, some were instructed to “act” shifty. I would imagine the physiological symptoms that result from real world intent would be quite different to anything that could be simulated by actors. These symptoms could also easily be altered with drugs, both legal or illicit.

I can’t imagine this system ever achieving a low level of false positives. People will naturally show signs of stress and irritability from very common everyday conditions such as sleep deprivation, nicotine withdrawal or simply from having too much coffee. That is all before factoring in medical conditions or any emotional aspects that may cause our bodies to act in a manner that may seem suspicious.

Impressive technology, but it is unlikely to ever be more helpful than the notoriously unreliable polygraph test.


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Wow, millions of dollars spent, and you can beat it by eating a Xanax for a few bucks.

Good work guys.

This is shit. This is absolute shit. What will it take for people to rise up? Black boots on their faces? This is fucked up beyond description. Revolution is coming, and it will be grim.

hahaha xanax, no kidding, i guess anyone who is stressed will be in trouble…..that wold be about 80% of ppl, right?

Not only would it be easily fooled via easily accessible drugs, but think of what it’s doing…

First, it was fooled 80% of the time into believing that all of the non-threatening subjects were threats. That’s not very accurate. How accurate does it have to be?

Well, the IATA says there will be about 2 billion people boarding planes this year. In about 100 years of aviation, there’s been less than 200 passengers that have attempted to board a plane with hostile intent. So, there’s a 1 in 1 billion chance that any given person is a hostile entity. So, if the machine was 99.9% accurate in differentiating hostile from non-hostile, that means when it goes off, there’s only a 1 in a million chance that the flagged person is hostile (actually, probably lower since the hostile is likely to know that he can get a pill that will render the method useless).

How many false-positives will it take before the average-Joe TSA agent decides that the machine simply doesn’t work? Not many, I’d guess.

Unbelieveable. No wonder the national debt is $70 TRILLION. What a waste of the sheeples money.


So…. the government is designing a system to ensure that people who suffer from anxiety are going to be additionally harassed while going about their daily business?

I need a cigarette.

because if anything’s NOT going to raise your blood pressure, it’s going through a terrorist thought-reading machine.

cavity searches for all!

For FUCK SAKE this is RETARDED! I want to kill everyone that pisses me off. Who doesn’t? So, now when the TSA tells me to empty my pockets, take off my shoes, belt, hat, glasses, shorts, socks, and walk through the fucking metal detector 5 more times I’ll be sure not to get pissed! Yeah, I’ll fucking blow up the plane with a battery, a lighter and a fucking 4 oz. bottle of soap. FUCKING WORTHLESS GOVERNEMENT! I’ll vote for the guy that lets me walk through the metal detector with my fucking shoes on!

>>I can't imagine this system ever achieving a low level of false positives.

Seems to me that the point of these systems is more to drive home the fact that these days everyone is a suspect. Doesn't matter to the government if you are just nervous about flying, you just might be a terrorist, so you miss your flight and have to sit in an airport dungeon for half a day.

Terrorism is a hoax.

Just like communism was in Hollywood (circa 1940’s).

Anyone see a pattern yet?

What is next, Aliens comming to attack us?

Oh, no! Better build a lazer (spitwad gun to them) in space to protect Earth!

What is it going to take to make the people of America rise up against this sort of shit?

Right. A low level of false positives would defeat the purpose, just like facial recognition, metal detectors, no fly lists, etc. If they really wanted to prevent terrorism, they would let everyone carry guns.

While we fantasize about all the good the future can bring us, these people only envision its power to control. How many iterations of our race must it take to learn?

I just stumbled across your website from a friend’s digg profile. Bless him. Websites like yours are really rare in a webspace full of crap and spam.

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