Chrysler GEM Peapod: All-Electric Vehicle For 2009

Chrysler yesterday announced a new all-electric vehicle set for a 2009 release by its subsidiary GEM, which now stands for Green Eco Mobility. The car, called the Peapod, is designed with city driving in mind and will get 30 miles per charge with a top speed of 25 mph.

The car’s pod-like appearance is quite appealing and struck me as a futuristic concept vehicle when I first discovered it. The Peapod will in fact be going into production and to boost its eco status, many of its components will be manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.

The Peapod’s six 12-volt batteries will take between six to eight hours to recharge from empty and its limited range and speed sadly restricts this vehicle to short commutes. It could function as a work car for traveling short distances during the week, however. But for longer trips on the weekends, you’ll probably want to use a long-range car. The price tag on this pod would have to be pretty attractive for this to happen though.

With its short 30 mile range, and body measurements of only 143.6 inches long, 56.5 inches wide and 70.5 inches in height, the vehicle should be looked upon as a classier and more comfortable version of a scooter or motorcycle. It will always fall short when compared to full-size cars.

The Peapod will come equipped with regenerative braking to extend battery life and can be charged from any 110-volt standard American household outlet. Additionally, the dash will offer iPod integration as well as hands-free iPhone operation.

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