Toshiba Announces World’s First 250GB 1.8-Inch Hard Disk

Toshiba today announced a new world first for 1.8-inch drives with their MK2529GSG model which holds an impressive 250GB. The 5,400rpm drive uses a SATA interface with a 3Gbps data transfer rate, has a seek time of just 15ms and is a mere 8mm (0.31-inch) thin, making it ideal for ultra-portable laptops and portable media players.

The drive manages to top Toshiba’s former world record, which was set only a few weeks ago with their 240GB MK2431GAH drive. This further improves upon their 160GB MK1617GSG record in June.

This new model not only has improved storage capacity, but is also zippier thanks to the inclusion of a SATA interface. It should provide some stiff competition to the slim but expensive Solid State Drives on offer for ultra-portables.

The MK2529GSG measures a mere 54mm (2.13″) x 78.5mm (3.09″) x 8mm (0.31″) and has a weight of 62g (2.18 ounces). The drive is scheduled for mass production in November.

Toshiba Press Release (translated) via CrunchGear


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