Ferrari V4 Superbike Concept Is Awesome

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Now this is a bike! The Ferrari V4 is a motorcycle concept developed by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik that borrows heavily from the sleek and contoured bodies of Ferrari supercars. The bike features drive-by-wire hand controls adapted from an F-16 jet fighter and a weatherproof touch-screen LCD on the fuel tank.

The design is centered around a chopped down version of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 engine which is reduced to just four-cylinders, hence the name V4. Personally, I think he could have used the full V12 if he built it like The Gunbus. With the smaller engine, Glinik has been able to create an incredibly sleek body which wraps around and conceals almost all of the superbike’s internals.

The touch-screen is an impressive addition, allowing for the monitoring of all driving information like speed, RPM, fuel level and gear status. In addition, you could use it as a diagnostic tool to figure out any mechanical problems, control the anti-theft device, access radio and GPS, monitor all internal liquids and temperatures and even, somehow, calculate the bike’s weight.

The project began back in 2005 when someone raised a question in Glinik’s office about the lack of a Ferrari motorcycle. This led him to some research…which let to some ideas…which led to the sleek beast you see before you today.

Don’t know about you guys, but I want to know what the ‘Wild Mode‘ button does. Nice work Amir.

Amir Glinik’s Ferrari Motorcycle via AutoBlog

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this is very gud looking bike an i love to take it for a ride but i wanted to take it though the twistys i couldnt because u can lay it down its to round i have a yamaha r1 and thats a bike ferrari should jus still to makeing high piriced car

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