Personal MagLev Train Pods Presented At CEATEC

It would seem that Tyco and Gakken have had a glimpse of the future. At the recent CEATEC exhibition they presented a personal Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) transportation system, which uses a magnetic field to make the vehicle hover around 1.2-inches above the track whilst propelling it along.

This would be an ideal method of transportation if we could devise the complex track network that would be required. Also, I reckon they should put a cover on this thing – the bug splatter and chill factor from traveling anywhere near the MagLev record of 361mph, will be far too much for most people to bear.

There will also need to be a very sophisticated traffic management system in place that will manage the spacing between pods. I can just imagine people out there getting all road/track ragey and treating these capsules like bumper cars.

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