Nikon Unveils Media Port UP: iPod For The Borg

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The imaging and optical geniuses at Nikon today announced their development of a multimedia headset called the Media Port UP (very specifically read as individual letters). The device incorporates headphones, a single-eye display, Wi-Fi, mobile media player, decent storage space and battery life and will make a great accessory for that killer Borg look you’ve been working on.

The UP is an interesting development from Nikon and will go up against a similar device by optics rival Carl Zeiss, called the Cinemizer.
Nikon’s Media Port UP will allow up to 120 minutes playback of video, which should see you through most average-length films. For audio alone, you’ll get a longer 270 minutes. Storage space will depend on the model, but will be either 4GB or 8GB of flash memory.

The greatest feature of the UP has got to the built-in WiFi and embedded motion sensors which make for entirely handsfree, on-the-go, internet connectivity. The interface is controlled by head gestures (up, down, left and right) and is a great way to stay connected…to the collective.

The UP (read it with me, U…P), is supposed to be an acronym with multiple possible meanings. Think: Ubiquitous Player, Universal Port, Ultimate Player, UberPod – that sort of thing.

I reckon it would be pretty creepy talking with someone wearing one of these. What happens to the uncovered eye when a person’s attention is focused on the display? I’m thinking plenty of starey, glazed over, lobotomy patient looks here.

You can pick up a pair from the UP Store which just opened today. They only seem to have the 8GB UP300x at the moment, but if that’s what you’re after, you can grab one for ¥69,800 (~ $680).

Nikon Press Release and DVICE

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I think that this a great idea, perhpas not designed very well. If this is made for on-the-go, why does it cover one eye? I think that if you are on-the-go and watching a movie… perhaps there is a chance you could walk into a light pole. Just a thought.

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