Smoking-Pipe Shaped Commode Is A Trip

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No, you’re not having some kind of Alice In Wonderland inspired bathroom hallucination. This is Mrs. Hudson. A stylishly designed, one-piece commode that just so happens to be shaped like a giant smoking pipe.

Mrs. Hudson is a concept crafted by Ukrainian designers 2-B-2 Architecture. The shape was inspired by a water drop; transfigured into a functional form whilst retaining its elegant, fluidic appearance.

This pipe loo takes the cake as far as toilet design goes and if you attach one of those high-tech toilet seat bidets, you’ll really have a throne to be proud of (well, after you give it a name change).

On that note…I wonder if the real Mrs. Hudson is a bathroom stall smoker?

2-B-2 Architecture’s Mrs. Hudson (Translated)
Via: Yanko Design

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2-B-2 are Ukrainian designers.
Other their works you can see here:

Thanks for that Andre. My mistake.

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