Aerovironment PosiCharge: Electric Car Charging In 10 Mins

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Early electric vehicle charging technology was pioneered for the world’s first modern EV production model, GM’s discontinued EV1. That technology lives on today in the form of Aerovironment’s PosiCharge system, which is used extensively in industrial forklifts.

The company claims that its PosiCharge technology could charge an electric vehicle in a mere 10 minutes, an amount of time comparable to a gas stop for a regular vehicle with an internal combustion engine. If the technology were made readily available via a gas station-like infrastructure, the uptake of electric vehicles would surely soar, having perhaps their biggest drawback – charging times – reduced from an overnight affair to a mere cigarette break or a bite to eat.

Check out the videos below for more info about the company behind the tech, its current uses and to see it in action.

AV Aerovironment and PosiCharge and TreeHugger


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