Project Goldfish: Solar-Powered Submarine Is Not Very Covert

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Clearly not for spies or military use as its huge floating solar-array charging station would surely blow your cover, this solar-powered submarine could make underwater exploration cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Code-named Project Goldfish, it is a development by Swiss company BKW FMB Energie which aims to link a battery-powered submarine with an offshore charging station so the sub doesn’t need to return to shore to recharge.

The sub would depend upon a mobile, 300 square meter, water-lily shaped floating platform to recharge its deep cycle batteries offshore. This solar island will feature five large solar-panel-covered pontoons to generate 30 kilowatts of electricity.

This solar sub ain’t going to get very far with just a 30 minute dive time, which makes it more a submersible than a submarine. Still, the 80 ton craft will carry 24 people and dive to a depth of 300 meters.

Sounds like an interesting project, but personally, I’d opt for a Seabreacher Sub any day. Not green, but much more fun.

Project Goldfish and EcoFriend


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