Arbella Laptop Cool Table: Leggy Assistant With Big Fans.

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…and did I mention flexible? This innovative laptop cooling table by Arbella will do more than just cool things down when you’re hard at work. It comes with highly-adjustable legs that can be folded out just about anywhere, providing a comfortable workspace when you’re working from home or out and about.

The Laptop Cool Table has better cooling potential than other cooling pads like the G-Pad we saw recently, by incorporating two large USB-powered fans in its plexiglass support. Two fans whirring away could generate a bit of noise, however.

The tubular aluminum legs can extend both vertically and horizontally, allowing for numerous positions in bed, on the couch, on the floor, or perhaps at the bus stop or in the park…I’ll stop.

It’s a great little product and reminds me of the similarly flexible, but fanless LapDawg. I would love to try one out. The Cool Table’s compactness and flexibility is in perfect sync with the portable nature of laptops. It is a great little assistant in an age where we find ourselves with increasing levels of autonomy at work, whilst driving towards a future of ever more mobile computing.

No word on pricing as yet, but if you really really want – Arbella can be contacted through their site.

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