Scarab Vehicle Concept: Living In A Bubble Gets Practical

Living in a bubble sure has its advantages Рisolation and a controlled environment spring to mind Рbut sometimes you need a change of scenery and the mobility to achieve that. It looks like designer David Miguel Moreira Gon̤alves has addressed this drawback with his Scarab vehicle concept.

The Scarab is a highly adaptable design. One mode wheels about in a compact, upright position that’s not too dissimilar from a wheelchair (ideal for when you can’t avoid a grocery shop). The other mode is a sleek, elongated high-speed vehicle capable of tearing up the highway.

The pod would come with the usual electric hub motors and regenerative braking, but to my surprise, there’s not a solar panel to be seen. An obvious oversight as refueling with biofuel or even just plugging the thing in requires you to get out of the pod.

As well as private ownership, the designer envisions the Scarab being used as a rental car for poorer people…me, I’d take one and use it as a home – imagine how much money you’d save not lining your landlord’s pocket. You’d probably need to throw in a toilet and a fridge amongst the LIDAR, radar, GPS, head-up display, and drive-by-wire this thing’s got though…ooh, and some real dark tinting, a man needs some privacy from time to time.

David Gonçalves and Yanko
Via: TecheBlog

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Great designs and a great look!! I love them!

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