Lego Safe: 305 Billion Combos, No Match For A Heat Gun.

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While this Lego safe is…well…made of Lego, it’s more secure than you might imagine. With 305 billion possible code combinations, motion sensor alarms, a weight of 14 pounds and the fact that no thief would ever think you’d be stupid enough to secure anything of real monetary value behind Lego – it should work a treat.

The safe consists of 2.7-inch thick walls of interlocking logo bricks (presumably glued together) and features a large display that shows the numbers as you twist the combination dials, secret power on/off buttons and a cool motorized door that opens and closes itself…as long as your code is correct.

One advantage to this safe is that you know that if you ever forget your code, you can always smash/cut/burn your way in, given enough time. Check out the workings in the video below.

With a few modifications, I think this Lego safe could make an excellent decoy for thieves. You know, put a prominent, bright LED on there reading something like “Total Deposited: $869,021”. If your thief bites and starts a smashing, they’ll soon discover that canister of tear gas inside and the trip sensors they just tore through. Don’t forget to position a hidden camera though…great YouTube material.

Lego Examples via Hacked Gadgets

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Wow…that’s awesome!

An unlock icon appears after each correct component of the code?! Am I misunderstanding something about security theory, or about the safe?

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