G-Pad: Gigabyte’s Fanless Laptop Cooling Pad Does Just That

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GIGABYTE have recently come up with this neat little fanless, notebook cooling pad called the G-Pad, which dissipates the heat generated by your lappie. The design is foldable to fit with the go-anywhere nature of laptops and being fanless, generates zero noise.

The G-Pad is made of aluminum, which should go well with the styling of leg-burning Powerbooks like mine, as well as the new MacBook Pros. It includes a carry case for when you’re out and about and takes up surprisingly little room, measuring 177.5mm (6.99″) x 255mm (10.04″) x 7.8mm (0.30″) when closed.

If you’re looking for something to cool your laptop, even just to stop its fan from going into overdrive (that sound can be painful), then check out the G-Pad over at Brando which goes for a slightly high, but not too unreasonable $52.

Brando via PCLaunches

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Hi, is your Gigabyte roll pad available in the UK? Also, does your Gpad come in a larger size and is this available here also? Thanks.

Hi Stephen, the G-Pad only seems to come in the one size and unfortunately I can’t find it for sale anywhere in the UK. I don’t think it ever made it across. – Mark

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