Kingston TTX01: World’s First Electric Superbike Does 125mph

Kingston will unveil the world’s first electric superbike this week at the 2008 NEC Motorcycle Show in Birmingham, England. Their TTX01 motorcycle is capable of 125mph (200km/h) and can apparently recharge in as little as 15 minutes via a high-current charger.

Kingston’s electric speed machine is fitted with Kevlar-reinforced armatures and produces 125NM of torque at the sprocket, with a 4:1 reduction to the rear wheel.

The provided charger will get you running in 2.5 hours, though this could be reduced to 1.5 hours on a 13A socket or just 35 minutes on a 32A socket as Gizmag points out. That ought to drum up some business for electricians. The battery packs plus all electronics have a weight of 75Kg.

It is not yet clear what kind of range the bike will get per charge, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing technical details and photos come through over the next few days as the show unfolds.

UPDATE: The TTX01 has a peak power level equivalent to a 600CC racing bike and it is claimed by the makers that it will do 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. The bike will get 50 miles per charge and will go on sale at the end of 2009 for £20,000 ($32,000). To read more, check out The Guardian’s full report.

Gizmag and TechRadar

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Alot of misinformation here, the bike was made for Azhar Hussain by Steven Labib of Jozzbikes, an entrant in this years TTXGP Isle of Man race.

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