Lemon Powered Clock Is One More Face To Feed

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Design team Anna Gram have come up with an elegant design for a digital clock that uses lemons as a power source, instead of cheaper and more practical environmentally damaging batteries or coal-fired grid ‘leccy. The fruit fly magnet “Citrus Clock” uses electrolysis to generate energy and will get a week’s worth of juice between lemon changes.

The clock incorporates two skewers to put your lemon halves on and are made of zinc and copper, which act like two battery terminals. Oxidation occurs when the lemon’s acid comes into contact with the metals and generates a small electric current.

Not as impressive as the Soil Lamp which only requires water to run, but still, it’s nicely designed and could be fun for a while if lemons are cheap in your area.

Anna Gram via Core77 and SlipperyBrick


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