Video: Google Demos Voice Search iPhone App, Tells Truth.

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Google have put together a demonstrative video of their iPhone Mobile Voice Search app which was temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store recently, upon the discovery that Google had intentionally broken the API.

The impressive voice search application was returned and remains available on the App Store despite Google admitting to breaking the rules. The app accesses the iPhone’s proximity sensor, which normally turns the screen off when you have the phone to your ear – to prevent you from accidentally ending a call with your cheek. Google’s app alters that functionality by letting users search the web with their voice (see video below) which is a clear no no in Apple’s API.

Personally, I’m glad this fantastic app is sticking around. The downside, however, is that smaller developers who have little to offer Apple in return for their fickle App store acceptance, will have to play by the rules and thus not be able to compete with larger companies such as Google on functionality.

YouTube and CNET and BetaNews
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