PNY Transcontinental 2009: Driving From Paris To New York

In what seems like a Ewan and Charley adventure, an international team will set out next year on a world first expedition. Their aim: An intercontinental drive from Paris to New York. The 43,000km (26,718 mile) journey will be made in three modified Jeeps with large floats and special swimming tires (below) and aims to be entirely CO2 neutral.

Their trip, called the Paris / New York – Transcontinental 2009, will follow the path of historic expeditions and lead the team across 20 countries including Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Alaska, Canada and finally, the United States.

The endeavor hopes to raise awareness and promote worldwide CO2-neutrality by fueling the Jeep with Bioethanol produced from wood waste and by using Bio-oils, which the team claims actually work better than mineral lubricants in colder climes. The trip will still produce low carbon emissions though, but these will apparently be offset by planting trees afterwards.

If you’d like to be a driver on the expedition and you have a bit of cash, head on over to their driver search page, where you can read more about what to expect and contact the team for a quote. Currently the full trip will set you back €90,000 ($115,000) but a short leg should cost considerably less.

Paris / New York 2009 via Treehugger


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