Video: Momo Haptic Navigation Device Guides You Blindfolded

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Even with modern day navigational devices like SatNav units and GPS equipped-phones, we’re left following a set of visual or audible directions that can still be confusing. Momo is set to change all that. This cute little haptic navigation device will direct you through the smallest of spaces – blindfolded if you choose – directing you by leaning itself towards the correct direction.

Momo uses the sense of touch to guide its user, which does away with maps, arrows and verbal instructions. It seems more human in a way, like being a kid again and being led around by your mother, which, I must admit, some people may not enjoy.

It does open up new possibilities, however. Blind people could use the device to get around more easily, plus it could be used as a virtual tour guide for parks, museums or galleries. Some might find it useful simply as an easy way to find their way home after having one too many drinks.

Momo incorporates a digital compass, two servo motors, an arduino board and a GPS module in its egg-shaped frame, which, if shrunken to a palm-sized device, would surely prove very popular.

Kofriel via MAKE


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