Eneloop Bike: Sanyo Unveils Electric Hybrid Bicycle

Sanyo today unveiled an electric hybrid bicycle called the Eneloop Bike, which is based on their impressive Eneloop battery technology. The bike has a cruising range of 100km (62 miles) in auto mode which is similar to Panasonic’s regenerative electric bike and uses a unique two-wheel drive system for greater stability.

The hybrid-drive Eneloop has the front wheel powered by the electric motor and the rear wheel by leg power alone, which is supposed to offer more stability when combined. This “Power-up” mode gives an assist ratio of 1:2, so you can do a little peddling for a more natural bike riding feel, but without over-exerting yourself. In this mode, around 70% is power assisted and 30% is powered by the rider.

The 25.2V 5.7Ah Eneloop battery has a “loop charge function” that enables it to instantly switch between powering the bike and charging itself via regenerative braking.

The Eneloop bike will be powered by a 250-watt motor (which has nothing on the 600CC equivalent Kingston TTX01) and will include three speeds and three assist modes (Auto / Power-up / Standard). It will set you back ¥136,290 (~$1,430) when launched in February 2009 and they plan to produce 1,000 per month to meet Japan’s voracious demand.

Sanyo (Press Release) and Akihabara

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Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to receive the price of the eneloop byke.
Also the cost to have it shipped to Mauritius.

I very much like this bycicle and would like to have one of them.

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