Energizer’s New Solar Charger Gets Pictured…Charging Itself.

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Energizer, it seems, have let slip some details about their upcoming Rechargeable Solar Charger which is due to be exhibited at the upcoming CES 2009. This neat little gadget charges its onboard rechargeable cells via a fold-out solar panel and from there you can recharge your gadgets through the built-in USB port.

The Solar Battery Charger seems to have been inspired by clam-shell-style cellphones, only ruggedized to match its weatherproof design. It can be juiced-up via an AC wall socket (if you’re near one) on those dreary, sunless days and Energizer have generously included the two rechargeable batteries. It looks as though it also includes a flash light on the hinge (below), though that is unconfirmed.

At a suggested retail price of $50 it’s not what I’d call a bargain, but should prove to be a very useful gadget for adventurous camping types when it hits this summer.

GoodCleanTech via EcoFriend

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we use a 100W solar charger at home to charge lead acid batteries*,,

i built my solar charger from househould electronic parts and it is great.

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