LG Intros Sunlight Illuminated 14″ Laptop LCD For Outdoor Use

LG Display yesterday announced the completed development of a 14.1-inch LCD display for laptops that is not only brighter and easier to see when used outdoors, but uses the sun as a light source to reduce power consumption and improve battery life.

The display incorporates reflective display technology we’ve seen before on Casio’s energy-efficient LCD for mobile devices and when used outside, is expected to draw a quarter of the energy required indoors.

The new LCD detects sunlight and switches to its reflective mode, which essentially absorbs light and reflects it back through the display. When indoors, it reverts back to the standard transmissive mode relying on traditional backlighting.

This latest innovation will be presented at the upcoming CES 2009 and offers us a little hope that someday we may be able to (productively) work with our lappies outdoors.

LG Display (Press Release) via DigiTimes


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