Honda Power Carrier: Tank-Like Wheelbarrow For DIY War

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Attaaiiirrrrrrnnn shon. Troops, this is war. DIY war. The neighbor is gaining on us with the construction of his new pool, so we need to pick up the pace. We’re bringing in the Honda. — This impressive powered-wheelbarrow from Honda looks as if it will make short work of transporting just about anything, with a carrying capacity capable of lugging the weight of several men with ease.

The HP450 runs on Caterpillar Tracks like a tank, for good traction regardless of where you may steer it. The driving force comes from a pull-start 163cc 5.5bhp air-cooled 4-stroke engine to effortlessly shift up to 450kg (992 lbs) of weight in its 0.18m3 tray.

The Power Carrier / Tank Barrow can also run in reverse and features a tilt-and-lift tray for easy unloading. One tank of fuel will get around 2.5 hours of continuous operation, which could also include use as a transport for your troops around the work site.

Honda Power Equipment via Red Ferret


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