Z-Nano: The World’s Smallest Optical Mouse

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I have no trouble believing this is the world’s smallest optical mouse. In fact, if it were any smaller, it would be entirely unusable. Called the Z-Nano, this little mouse would be good for traveling notebook users who like to use a real mouse instead of their trackpad. The only problem is that though the Z-Nano’s size is convenient, it may be too small to be comfortable and you may find yourself simply reverting to using the trackpad.

The mouse comes in a tiny 42mm (1.65″) x 21mm (0.83″) x 17.65mm (0.69″) form factor, just slightly larger than its USB connector which magnetically attaches to the mouse for tangle-free storage.

The Z-Nano features laser tracking, ultra-bright / ultra-unnecessary LED indicator lights and a small slot under the transparent clicker for a photo, if you so desire. There’s very little info around about the device, but I have found a video (below) and if you’re interested, a UK supplier that lists them for £21.50 ($32), less in bulk.

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I managed to get hold of a Z-Nano mouse in one of the G&S (Gift and Stationery) exhibition in Singapore.

I have rather big hands and was quite skeptical on its useability when I first saw how small it was. (about the size of a USB connector!)

The Left and Right button clicks have also been changed to Front-and-Back clicks! (But this essentially halved the size of the mouse) It took me a little while to get use to it (maybe 15 mins) but hey, it is pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. I figure if someone can turn on and off a wall switch, he/she should have no problem using this mouse, even with big fingers like mine 😉
I had a much much harder time switching from my Nokia handphone to a Sony Errison!

The good thing about this mouse is that it is a LASER mouse and hence is able to work on more surfaces. This is important for me since I travel a lot and my clients have different table tops, including shiny ones!

The sensitivity of the mouse can also be changed from 100 dpi to 1600 dpi to suit different applications. The bright LED lights serve as indicators for the dpi setting. (eg fast blinking blue = 400 dpi, fast blinking blue & orange = 1600 dpi etc). There is even FLASH memory to store the configuration, just like a GAMING mouse!

It also comes with a holder for you to slot in your own photo.

I have been using Z-Nano since, on my travels for the past 3 months, and I can say it definitely works very well with my HP Mini 1000, unlike the touchpad that comes with it, which I have since diabled.

Below are the specs I lifted from the box. I would highly recommend this mouse to all business travellers and notebook users.

Smallest LASER mouse 43x18x17.65mm
User selectable sensitivity 100 – 1600 dpi. Flash memory to store config.
Gold-plated rare-earth magnet to hold cable together (great way to manage cables!)
Works on Mac and Windows
Plug & Play. No drivers for Win XP & above
Medical grade USB Cable
Customizable with photo or company logo.
Auto-Scroll feature for reading
Special pointer for tracing image outline
Scroll buttons from Japan
International Patents pending
FCC, CE , ROHS compliant

Thanks a lot TechTraveller for your informative review!

Hi TechTraveller,

I need to travel regularly, and I have pretty small fingers. Can’t wait to buy one to try out.

Do u know where I can get one?

Really appreciate your review and help.


I just read a comment on geek.com by someone who purchased theirs from the UK supplier mentioned in the post. They seem happy.

Apart from that I’ve discovered a company called ebook systems who are selling them, but for a costly $120 plus delivery.

Someone alerted me that there is a Valentine’s promotion for this Z-Nano.

Try the following link in facebook:


You can get a PAIR of Z-Nano at only $80 for a limited period 😉
That’s a 33.33% discount!

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