LG Touchscreen 3G Watch-Phone Calling Soon

LG Electronics recently announced that they will debut a 3G wristwatch phone at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which will be a fully-functional handset wristset? complete with touchscreen and video calling capabilities.

The LG-GD910 will support 3G and HSDPA for high-speed internet access and incorporate an MP3 player, putting two of the most common take-everywhere gadgets – the phone and personal media player – right on your wrist. Video calls can be made via a small camera located above the top right corner of the display.

It would seem LG have made a real effort to make this device usable, from the touchscreen that obviates the need for tiny buttons to the built-in text-to-speech that provides an intuitive alternative to typing.

Despite everything they have packed into this watch-phone, the thickness has been kept to a minimum – coming in at only 0.56-inches (13.9mm). It will feature a 1.43-inch (3.63cm) display, Bluetooth connectivity and is expected to launch in Europe later next year.

There’s no word on pricing, but you can count on it being many times more than a relatively basic view-screen spy watch.

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