Phenom Watch Phone: MP3 & Camera & Touchscreen…Oh My.

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Competition in the consumer electronics arena can be brutal. First LG announces a groundbreaking Watch Phone to show at CES 2009 and sure enough, some other company tops that by making a whole range of them available now. That company would be Phenom Communications, who have managed to pair an unlocked GSM cellphone and an MP3/MP4 player and pack it inside a touchscreen equipped wristwatch.

Their “Special Ops” watch (pictured) seems to be their most fully-featured model and comes with a 1.3-inch TFT touchscreen display, video camera, Bluetooth, USB, MicroSD slot (up to 2GB – 256MB card included), a speakerphone and is currently going for a promo price of $295.

It’s not as impressive as LG’s upcoming model, but for the price and now-ness, definitely worth a look.

PhenomWatchPhone (Press Release) via Unwired View

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The truth is that the Watch Phone or Mobile Wrist Cell already a reality TEDACOS in Spain since 2007, has the most complete range of models to the specific needs of the final user. All have the latest technology bluetooth, touch screen, mp3 music, mp4, microSD memory, vibration, digital camera and video film, radio, ebook text reader, gprs internet conection, voice dialing and many more features.

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