D+caf: Coffee Test Strips Detect Caffeine In Your Decaf

Ever wondered if that cup of decaf you ordered is really decaffeinated? Or perhaps you’re like me and worry you’ll be accidentally served a decaffeinated brew when you’re desperate for a hit. Well, thanks to these D+caf test strips, you can know for sure.

Developed by California’s Silver Lake Research Corporation, the D+caf strips can determine in as little as 30 seconds whether a cup of coffee contains more or less than 20mg of caffeine. As the decaffeination process cannot remove all caffeine, 20mg is considered the upper limit for any 6oz. serving of coffee claiming to be decaf.

The image (above) and video (below) are a little misleading as the pdf instructions include a capitalized statement reading “Do not allow the D+caf strip to come into contact with beverage that will be consumed.” I don’t know what kind of toxic substances the strips are coated with (or whether they’re any worse than the residual chemicals from the decaffeination process) but ideally you would perform the test on a teaspoon.

The strips do not like milk, syrups or other additives so unfortunately lattes and cappuccinos can’t be tested. They will set you back $10 for a pack of 20 from DiscoverTesting

Via: MedGadget and CrunchGear

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clever idea, caffeine test strips… but this begs the question, why would anyone want decaf anyway?

There is obviously a great deal to know about this. I think you created some good points in Features also.

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