Super-Secret Spy Lens: Voyeurism Gets A New Angle

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The Super-Secret Spy Lens could be useful for all you voyeurs and deviants out there – looking to make your prowling appear less conspicuous. Professional photographers could also benefit when trying to capture a more natural scene of a crowd, or even weekend shooters looking for less awkward family snaps.

This lens isn’t exactly super-secret as the name pronounces. It has a large round opening in the side which is able to rotate 360 degrees, but is rather obvious, looking much like a periscope. Not everyone will realize, however and even people who are notoriously camera-shy will likely take longer to react, delaying their seemingly instinctual duck-and-cover.

The SSS Lens is made in Japan and is available from Photojojo for $50. It comes with your choice of adapter in nine different sizes (46mm through 77mm) to fit your particular model and should work on just about any SLR as long as the adapter is of the correct size.

Photojojo via Gizmodo


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