Credit Card Survival Tool: Screws, Saws, Opens Your Beer.

Here’s a neat gadget that would be right at home in your wallet alongside your credit card calculator and credit card hard drive. Called the Credit Card Survival Tool, it is essentially a Swiss Army Knife for your wallet, featuring 11 different functions in its slim stainless steel frame.

Just as handy at home in civilization as in the deepest darkest wilderness, the Credit Card Survival Tool includes a knife edge, saw blade, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver, 4 position wrench, 2 position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, lanyard hole (which doesn’t really count as a feature if you ask me) and an ancillary direction indicator (compass hole).

The tool comes in at ~6.7cm (2.64″) x 4.5cm (1.77″) x 0.2cm (0.07″) in dimensions and 29g (1.02 ounces) in weight, so you might have to clear out your wallet a bit first, to thin it down and lighten it up.

If you’re considering buying one, the general sentiment in Amazon’s customer reviews is that it’s quite a dangerous tool (knife on one edge, saw on another) and that it cuts through the included pouch fairly quickly. Maybe some tape or plastic caps are in order before putting it in an expensive wallet.

All in all, it seems like a pretty useful tool to keep handy and you can’t beat the price, $3.95 from or $2.99 from Uxcell.

Uxcell and
Via: PlunderGuide

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This is a nice tool! Very handy and useful and doesn’t get too bulky on the pocket.

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