Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters: Silicone Fins To Keep Buds In

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Most earphones are simply terrible at staying in your ears. Whether you’re walking around town, or even completely stationary, they still find a way to wiggle their way free. Well not any more. This novel product called Acoustibuds Silicone Earphone Adapters feature a multi-fin design that grips inside your ear canal. In addition, the design even improves sound quality by funneling your tunes directly to your drums.

Another great selling point for these buds is that they are mere add-ons to your existing earphones, which means you don’t need to buy yet another pair. They slip onto a wide variety of cans including those that come with iPods and iPhones, as well as many other MP3 players.

The closely spaced flexi-fins hold on tight and can apparently cope with extreme physical activity, which bodes well for those of us who would only ever over-exert ourselves when trying to escape from extreme activity.

The Acoustibuds picked up the CES 2009 Innovations Award and the reviews over at Amazon sound positive. For $12.99, they might be worth a try.

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