Wrist Band Battery: Electric Fashion That Charges Gadgets

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…doesn’t come in electric blue. There are plenty of devices out there that will charge up your gadgets whilst on-the-go – from Energizer’s solar charger to the Voltaic Generator Bag. With this novel gizmo called the Wrist Band Battery, the backup power is incorporated into a fashion piece worn…you guessed it…right on your wrist.

The wrist band contains rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery cells and is designed to accommodate all your portable electronics via 7 different power connectors. It stores enough energy to get you up to 3 hours of talk time on your phone when used as a direct power source, or up to 8 hours on MP3 players.

The battery band includes a coiled extension cord which allows your gadgets to connect to the device and could possibly reach gadgets in your pocket, by stretching it and snaking it up your arm. The device is recharged over USB, much like your iPod, but does take a rather lengthy 5 hours to complete. To keep an eye on the battery level, there’s a strip of four LEDs that Mac laptop users will likely be familiar with.

There is no information on the exact connectors the device is equipped with, but it will apparently accept major brand cell phones, portable gaming consoles and media players. The band is quite chunky at 250mm (9.84″) long x 35mm (1.38″) wide x 15mm (0.59″) tall, but will only set you back around £17 | $24 | €18 from Chinavasion.

Chinavasion via Register Hardware

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Cool Wrist Band Portable Battery!
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