Wooden MacBook Cases Are A Work Of Art, Probably Heavy.

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Finally, a case that will do the elegant design of your MacBook justice. Like the wooden iPhone cases we’ve seen previously, these wooden laptop cases bring a touch of natural elegance that you’ll never find in more utilitarian designs.

Created by designer Rainer Spehl, these cases are undeniably a work of art. Apart from the beautiful joinery and selection of timber, they are also lined with leather, so you don’t have worry about rough burrs scratching your prized lappie when inserting or removing it from the case.

Perhaps inspired by the magnetic latch feature on MacBooks, the cases incorporate a magnetic closing device to secure the end cover, so you don’t need to play around with fiddly latches. These wooden cases are probably best used as display pieces rather than lugging them around, as the weight and unpadded rigidity would be a killer to carry regularly (unless you put it in a backpack).

The cases are apparently designed exclusively for 15″ MacBooks and MacBook Pros, though considering they’re hand-made, could possibly be made to order. You’ll need to contact the designer anyway for a quote, so it couldn’t hurt to enquire. Be prepared for a big price tag though. A craftsman’s labor, select materials and weighty shipping from Berlin won’t come cheap.

Rainer Spehl via Gadget Lab

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I cant help but feel that anyone seen carrying one of these will look as though they are walking down the street with a chopping board under their arm!

I like the wood look. You might also like these less expensive possibilities:

BambooBook (Introductory Price: $119.00. It has hardwood exterior and padded interior).

BookBook ($80-100. Leather hard back case that looks like a an old book).

Hope this helps,


Thanks for that, Doug. They both look great!

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