USB Drive In A Padlock: Data Security Gets Physical

Do you ever wonder if someone could be accessing your personal data on that USB drive you leave laying around? Well here’s a clever design that will not only keep nosey people out of your files, but prevent them from even inserting it into a port. This USB drive, called Datenschutz, is embedded inside a padlock – taking a rather physical approach to data security.

The drive is only a design, but most definitely should be made in my opinion…somehow. It looks simple enough, but that bar is going to have to be completely removed when unlocked, in order for you to plug it in to most PCs and laptops (cue misplacing the bar – just like with the plastic caps that come with many flash drives).

The other issue could be the weight of the thing, but that may be a non-issue for those looking to make a fashion statement with the device…I’m thinking punk-meets-geek (à la Sid Vicious’ padlock fastened neck chain).

The USB Padlock Drive is part of an interesting art collection called “Universal Connections,” which you can check out over at Dialog05. Other notable USBed pieces include a bra, a belt and a syringe…for information junkies only.

Dialog05 via BBG

Comments (2 Responses):

how much?and how can i buy it?

I’m afraid it’s just a concept design, Lea. Cheers, Mark.

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