Met Police Multi-Threat Body Armor: For Both Bullets And Knives

There are all kinds of products out there that will protect you from either bullets or knives, but very rarely both. This Ex-Metropolitan Police Multi-Threat Body Armor claims to do just that, protecting you from most knives, as well as up to and including 9mm and .357 Magnum handguns.

This vest-style armor incorporates layers of Aramid fabric, which disperse the energy of a bullet and prevent penetration. For knife attacks, a special metallic element is also embedded into the vest which reduces the ability of a blade (or broken bottle) to pierce the vest.

There are two versions you can choose from depending on how conspicuous you want it to be. The slim white model is designed for covert wear under other items of clothing, while a rather chunky looking version in black is worn as an outer layer…by tough guys.

You can purchase your own vest direct from MilitaryKit, who are careful to stress the fact that no body armor will offer 100% protection. For £99 | $138 | €105, it seems like a great buy for anyone living in a bad neighborhood, but then, that money would probably be better spent on a deposit for a place in a better location. Just remember, though the vest will protect your torso from thugs and thieves, you’ll still need a taser-proof vest if you want protection from trigger-happy, taser-armed cops.


Comments (4 Responses):

Bulletproof Jackets are sprouting everywhere. It is now being manufactured to go mainstream. Civilians are taking matters into there own hands after countless tragedies involving massacres and senseless killings by derranged individuals who not only will take their own life in the process but also others around them. Parents are purchasing bulletproof backpacks for their children to wear at school in fear of another ‘Columbine” incident. We are not saying that this should be mandatory to always wear a bulletproof vest in school and at the workplace, but regular law abiding citizens should have as much right as law enforcement to protect themselves and their loved ones from a deadly attack.

It’s great that there’s a product that can protect you from both bullet and knife. This is really the ideal body armour of choice to suit every possible situation men and women of the armed forces face everyday.

Its good to see these great new products out there. It really shows that we have people determined to protect themselves and others with the proper technology. We should be leading the world in technological developments and I think we are falling a little behind. This type of stuff is a step in the right direction.

Can you imagine a world where we put children in these on a daily basis.

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