Verizon Hub Touchscreen Internet Phone Unveiled

Verizon Wireless recently announced their new Verizon Hub touchscreen Internet phone, which aims to bridge fixed-line and wireless communications in one widget packed device. The unit will sync with your contacts, calendar, maps, weather reports and traffic info over any broadband connection, by any provider and can both send and receive SMS text messages.

The Hub provides an attractive, all-in-one solution that should appeal to those looking to make the move to VOIP for their fixed-line calls. The device features a 7-inch touchscreen for ease of use and can text message turn-by-turn driving directions and other info to any Verizon Wireless handsets added to the hub.

Existing home phone numbers can be ported to the hub, which will be priced at $199 after a $50 rebate when it hits Verizon stores on February 1. The service will only work with Verizon Wireless phones and customers must sign-up for a 2 year contract at $34.99 per month.

It’s a neat gadget, but a rather pricey and unnecessary one for people who either always have a computer handy, or have a fully-featured cellphone. Skype is much cheaper for VOIP and many 3G cellphones have the same functionality, albeit with a smaller display.

Verizon Wireless and CNET
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I agree, I think that this device, while cool, is clearly unnessesary. Most people I know use Skype through their computer and have gotten rid of their landlines. I can’t really see a huge influx of people re-instating their land lines just to have this gadget.

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