Coby MP565: Shuffle-Like MP3 Player With LCD, Budget Price.

For those of you who like the form-factor of the new iPod Shuffle, but just can’t justify laying down $80 for a display-less player, comes this little gadget. Called the Coby MP565 Micro-Clip MP3 Player, it has similar dimensions to the aforementioned Shuffle, costs a quarter of the price and includes a high-contrast LCD with 7-color backlight.

The Coby MP565 includes 1GB of memory which will store around 250 songs, gets 5 hours of battery life from its rechargeable Lithium Polymer cell and sports a clip on the back, making it easy to attach to your jacket, shirt, belt or bag.

The player supports MP3, WMA and WMADRM10 audio file formats, comes in your choice of either a silver or black anodized finish and measures just 2.63″ (66.8mm) x 0.41″ (10.4mm) x 0.94″ (23.9mm).

Unlike the new Shuffle, the controls are on the player itself, not on the earphone tether, so you can replace the bundled earphones with your own higher-quality or personalized cans without any losing functionality. As long as you don’t mind the smaller storage capacity, the Coby MP565 Micro-Clip seems like a good mini-MP3 player alternative and with a price starting at $18.97, is quite a steal.

Sources: via PopGadget

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I was very excited to get my iPod, and was not disappointed at all. It’s cute, fun, and effective. I love it.

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