ThumbTacks Microphones Pin Voice Memos To Your iPod

If you’re in the market for a small voice recorder for work, study or even just personal note taking on-the-go, you may be interested in this recently released gadget. Called ThumbTacks Microphones, they look, unsurprisingly like real thumb tacks and simply plug in to your iPod’s headphone jack, making spontaneous recordings easy.

The ThumbTacks Microphones are made by a company called SwitchEasy and will work with the voice recording capability of the iPod Nano 4G and iPod Touch 2G. The company claims their mini-mics are the smallest microphones in their category and measure just 1.21″ (30.7mm) x 0.46″ (11.7mm) x 0.46″ (11.7mm) including casing.

The thumb tack design sure makes these mics stand out from the crowd and yet are entirely practical, offering an easy to grab shape that makes them a snap to plug in and remove.

Along with a gold-plated plug, the company claims their ThumbTack’s each contain an “outstanding quality” microphone and will work with third party apps too, if you have a Touch. They are available from SwitchEasy direct in black, red and white and are a steal at just $12.99.

SwitchEasyThumbTacks via CoolestGadgets

Comments (3 Responses):

Can you put what you record on you PC?
Please answer!!!!!!
I really want one but i just want to know if it can do that too.

Hi Valerie, I would imagine you’d be able to access your recordings through iTunes on either Mac or PC, but the company hasn’t gotten back to me to confirm this so I’m afraid I can’t say for sure. Hope this helps -Mark.


SwitchEasy have responded thusly:

“You can make audio recordings or take advantage of the Wi-Fi feature
and call their friends and family using the Skype App to make calls.
You can put what you records from the iPodTouch to your PC by Syncing it.
Before using ThumbTacks, please make sure you are using the latest
software for your device, iPod Touch 3.1 and iPod Classic 2.0.2.”

This video will show you how it works:

Sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem, Valerie.

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